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  • Parallel Key

    Parallel Key
    CTS manufactures Parallel Key types with double round ends, double square ends, or round/square ends in S45C and SS304 metals. Parallel Keys are also called Straight Keys (square cross section) or Flat Keys (rectangular cross section.) CTS is a machine key manufacturer making broad specifications of Parallel Key types such as DIN 6885 B, ISO 2491 B and BS Type B. CTS also manufactures non-standard keys to suit our customer’s specific requirements. More about Parallel Keys
  • Woodruff Key

    Woodruff Key
    Woodruff Keys are rounded machine keys with a flat or radius bottom. Woodruff Keys are also known as Half-Moon Machine Keys. CTS manufactures DIN-6888, ISO 2294 and BS 46 Woodruff Keys to your specification. See our stock sizes in S45C steel and SS304 stainless steel. We can quickly make any custom Woodruff Key to meet your needs.
  • Key Stock

    Key Stock
    CTS manufactures parallel Key Stock in S45C and SS304 metals or to your specifications. Click to see our standard parallel keystock sizes; any custom sizes of machine key stock can be quickly manufactured to meet your application. More about
    Machine Key Stock

Dimensions for types of Machine Keys